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Portsmouth Buddhist Center runs entirely on the generosity of our community. We feel inspired to offer all our classes and courses based on suggested donations so everyone can afford to come. Support us today with a regular gift and you’ll help keep the Center available for all!

Portsmouth Mitra Maryellen, who recently moved to take a new job on Nantucket writes: “As someone out here on an island without a sangha, I can say the PBC is a PRECIOUS Jewel, to be treasured and not taken for granted.”


Our newest Mitra-to-be, Patience, has always been interested in spiritual questions and was on a quest to strengthen her meditation practice when she first started coming around to the PBC. She found the Introduction to Buddhism course eye opening. “It was a revelation to be taught to face suffering rather than try to fix it or run from it.” Now Patience mostly attends our Friday evening Level 2 Buddhism class and has joined the women’s Dharma study group. “I appreciate PBC most,” says Patience, “for the spiritual friendship I have found there.”


Raya is a yogi who came to the Portsmouth Buddhist Center looking to strengthen her meditation practice. In the months since then, she has attended sangha nights and the introductory courses on meditation and Buddhism. “I have been eliminating some of the negative elements in my life recently,” Raya says. “At the PBC, I feel cared for and supported at all times. I feel encouraged to share in discussions or simply listen, as well as ask questions and explore more about my experience.”


Rob, a regular at our new Level 2 Buddhism class on Friday nights, keeps coming because, “I have met so many people I can relate to, speaking the same language about life and the lessons it has to offer.”


Give the gift of community...

In the past year, more than seventy people have availed themselves of PBC’s introductory courses and weekend practice days. We have also welcomed many newcomers, as well as regular friends, to our sangha (community) gatherings, now on Sunday mornings, and to our Friday evening Level 2 Buddhism class. In addition, our downtown Center has hosted a regular recovery group, Order days, and weekly meetings of two Order chapters, as well as a Mitra study group.

To ensure we can continue to offer inspiring teaching and spiritual friendship to people like Raya, Rob, Maryellen, and Patience, as well as support the spiritual life of our sangha and our city, the Portsmouth Buddhist Center needs your help now. PBC’s existence depends entirely on dana – on the generosity of people who value its contribution to their lives and to our community. We ask that you make a commitment to a monthly gift of any size to help PBC survive and thrive.

Our goal is $1,200 in monthly donations. This amount would cover our operating costs and enable us to build a reserve, making the PBC more sustainable long-term. If you attend the Center on a weekly basis – or perhaps hope to attend more regularly in future – we suggest a monthly gift of $20 to $50 (just $5 to $10 per week). However, a regular pledge of any amount will show your support and make a valuable contribution. You can indicate your intention to send a monthly check by emailing, or you can set up an automatic monthly payment using the gift button above.

Don’t take the Portsmouth Buddhist Center for granted – pledge now!

With metta, the PBC Council
(Candradasa, Danakamala, Khemavassika, Narottama, Suddhayu, Viriyalila, Viriyagita)

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